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Choir News!

Valentine Gram Results



Congratulations to our selected Valentine Gram singers!

Please make sure you have the following days written down in your calendar!

  • Wednesday, February 5th (3-6PM)

  • Thursday, February 13th (3-6PM)

Can’t Helping Falling in Love

  1. Mya, Priscilla, Jorge

  2. Cecilia Casillas and Tristan Musa

Best Part

  1. Priscilla Arceo

  2. Moises Torres

  3. Sabrea Curiel

Count On Me

  1. Angelica Rivera and Kirsten Rinon

  2. Caitlin Barinoff and Wendy Alcaraz

  3. Katelyn Bui, Jimena Calderon, Moises Torres, and Renzo Gallegos

Friends (Theme Song)

  1. Dominick Carson

I’m Yours

  1. Emily Buxbaum and Sophia Smalley

  2. Julianna De Roux

  3. Ricky Moreno

Isn’t She Lovely

  1. Hailey Windsor

  2. Nayala Quintanilla-Sanders

  3. Cecilia Casillas

Single Ladies

  1. Kevin Delgado

Thinking About You

  1. Samantha Corona

  2. Vanilla Pulu-Suliafu

Let Me Love You

  1. Sabrea Curiel and Angelyca Sarrol

  2. Nayala Quintanilla and Samantha Corona

Little Things

  1. Emily Buxbaum

  2. Anthony Archuleta

  3. Jill Okamoto

Stylus Results



Hakuna Matata- Diego De Anda and Braeden Winford


I See the Light- Julia Winters and Brian Saporsantos