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A student has one of two options if they choose to be a member of the DRHS choral program.


  1. Students can automatically enroll in Treble Choir (shown as “Choral Training” in their schedule) or Panther Ensemble (shown as “Concert Chorus” in their schedule”) with NO AUDITION! Good option for students who are looking to grow their musical skills and looking for a class that will help in growing their confidence in their vocal abilities.

  2. Students have the option to audition for an advanced ensemble such as Solstice or Stylus Singers. Students will be auditioned one on one with the director. The following items will be checked at the audition for each ensemble:​

Diamond Ranch HS Stylus Singers and Solstice Ensemble Auditions

Audition Schedule

Preliminary auditions will be held during class between May 6th-May 8th


Audition Process

The audition will consist of the following: vocal warm-ups/vocalise, tonal memories, singing of the National Anthem, Sight reading, chromatic scale and a short interview.


Call Backs:

Solstice Callback-May 13th, 3:10-4:30 PM

Stylus Callback-May 15th, 3:10-4:30 PM


*Please note: To be considered for Stylus or Solstice, you must be present for callbacks!

When attending callbacks, please bring your completed parent signature form.


If called back for Stylus Singers, please be prepared to sing the call-back audition piece. Copies of this selection will be available on May 10th after school. Please consult the list outside the classroom and pick up all material.




Results will be posted on Friday, May 17th. If you are enrolled in Solstice or Stylus, we will have a brief meeting afterschool on:


Solstice Meeting: May 22nd 3:10-4 PM

Stylus Meeting: May 23rd 3:10-4 PM


Each of these ensembles has a summer session where we get to know each other as well as prepare music for the following year. Dates are listed below:


Solstice: June 10th-14th 2:30 PM-5 PM and July 26th, 9AM-12:30 PM

Stylus: June 17th-21st 2:30 PM-5 PM and July 26th, 1 PM-3:30 PM


Expectations of a singer involved in a DRHS Auditioned Choir



  • Cooperates and is willing to try new things


  • Is cordial with peers and staff


  • Works hard to improve


  • Leads others in a positive direction


Commitment and Responsibility


  • Regular attendance to class, concerts, other performances and extra rehearsals


  • Shows responsibility for uniform upkeep, music, fund-raising items, etc.


  • Communicates to solve problems in a timely manner


  • Maintains a positive attitude; is responsible and self-disciplined


  • Maintains a high level of academic standards




  • Possesses a strong musical ear


  • Comprehends music reading basics

  • Strives to improve their music and sight-reading abilities




  • Uses the voice to its full potential with courage


  • Produces a quality, relaxed tone


  • Consistent growth on vocal techniques



I am aware that many students who are auditioning are also active in sports, clubs, church groups, community organizations, and/or work. I am open-minded and flexible about scheduling and solving problems. In return, I ask for advanced notice (2 weeks) of any scheduling conflicts.



Things that will jeopardize you in acceptance and tenure in a DRHS Auditioned Choir


  • Moodiness or disregard for others’ feelings


  • Lack of commitment to the program


  • Disrespect to DRHS, its teachers, staff, and students


  • Low GPA and lack of ambition to secure academic responsibilities


  • Lack of leadership or motivation


  • Disregard for director’s authority

***Regardless of the results of an audition, each and every student will be a part of the choir program so don’t let the audition process scare you away!***